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Identification of key immune mediators regulating T helper 1 responses in swine.

This publication describes the cloning of full or partial length sequences for pig TBX21 (T-bet), MYD88, ICSBP1, CD8A (CD8alpha), CD8B (CD8beta), and CD28 cDNAs. Real-time PCR assays have been developed for the relative quantitation of these products as well as previously characterized transcripts that encode exon A-containing CD45, HLX1, IRF1, STAT1 and RPL32. When used for examining temporal immune gene expression in the liver of Toxoplasma gondii infected pigs, the positive regulators of Th1 responses, IRF1, MYD88, and STAT1, were found to be expressed prior to the simultaneous upregulation of interferon gamma (IFNG), HLX1 and TBX21 gene expression. In contrast, in the mesenteric lymph node (MLN), only expression of IRF1 and IFNG was significantly upregulated. Based on their demonstrated utility in establishing an immune response pathway, these PCR assays should be valuable additions to our swine immune toolkit.[1]


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