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Growth-associated protein (GAP-43)-like immunoreactivity in primary and permanent tooth pulp nerve fibers of the cat.

GAP-43-like immunoreactivity in developing and mature incisor and canine tooth pulp nerve fibers in the cat was examined with fluorescence immunohistochemistry and pre-embedding immunogold electron microscopy. As expected, pulpal and periodontal nerve fibers in primary teeth aged 2-3 weeks showed strong immunoreactivity. Double-labeling experiments demonstrated that 50-70% of primary pulpal GAP-43-positive nerve fibers showed CGRP-like immunoreactivity. However, in adult permanent teeth the vast majority of pulpal nerve fibers also displayed intense GAP-43-like immunoreactivity both when surrounding pulpal blood vessels and in the subodontoblast/odontoblast region. There was a high degree (90-95%) of simultaneous expression of GAP-43-like immunoreactivity and CGRP-like immunoreactivity in adult permanent pulps. Immunogold GAP-43 labeling was mainly associated with the cytoplasmic side of axonal membranes. However, occasional examples of immunolabeled Schwann cells were also found. High levels of GAP-43 in normal mature permanent pulpal nerves may facilitate neural plasticity after dental wear or injury.[1]


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