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Regenerative therapy of furcation defect.

Furcation defects of multiple-root teeth are complications of progressive periodontal diseases. The recommended technique of regenerative therapy in furcation defects of the lower molars is implantation of hydroxylapatite or demineralized freeze-dried bone. A case of a completely absent interradicular bone of 46 tooth in a 35-year-old woman with generalized periodontitis is presented. After endodontic treatment and recovery of the tooth crown we undertook surgical treatment of the bone defect: open curettage, using the technique of Ramfjord and bony reconstruction with aloplastic material bioplant HTR (septodont). The preoperative preparation included clinical prophylaxis and chemical plaque inhibition; postoperatively, rinsing the mouth twice a day with 0.5% metronidazole. The patient was followed up clinically and radiographically up to the 6th month after treatment when the bone structure regenerated.[1]


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