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Role of Vma21p in assembly and transport of the yeast vacuolar ATPase.

The Saccharomyces cerevisiae vacuolar H+-ATPase (V-ATPase) is a multisubunit complex composed of a peripheral membrane sector (V1) responsible for ATP hydrolysis and an integral membrane sector (V0) required for proton translocation. Biogenesis of V0 requires an endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-localized accessory factor, Vma21p. We found that in vma21Delta cells, the major proteolipid subunit of V0 failed to interact with the 100-kDa V0 subunit, Vph1p, indicating that Vma21p is necessary for V0 assembly. Immunoprecipitation of Vma21p from wild-type membranes resulted in coimmunoprecipitation of all five V0 subunits. Analysis of vmaDelta strains showed that binding of V0 subunits to Vma21p was mediated by the proteolipid subunit Vma11p. Although Vma21p/proteolipid interactions were independent of Vph1p, Vma21p/Vph1p association was dependent on all other V0 subunits, indicating that assembly of V0 occurs in a defined sequence, with Vph1p recruitment into a Vma21p/proteolipid/Vma6p complex representing the final step. An in vitro assay for ER export was used to demonstrate preferential packaging of the fully assembled Vma21p/proteolipid/Vma6p/Vph1p complex into COPII-coated transport vesicles. Pulse-chase experiments showed that the interaction between Vma21p and V0 was transient and that Vma21p/V0 dissociation was concomitant with V0/V1 assembly. Blocking ER export in vivo stabilized the interaction between Vma21p and V0 and abrogated assembly of V0/V1. Although a Vma21p mutant lacking an ER-retrieval signal remained associated with V0 in the vacuole, this interaction did not affect the assembly of vacuolar V0/V1 complexes. We conclude that Vma21p is not involved in regulating the interaction between V0 and V1 sectors, but that it has a crucial role in coordinating the assembly of V0 subunits and in escorting the assembled V0 complex into ER-derived transport vesicles.[1]


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