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A high-resolution comparative map of canine Chromosome 5q14.3-q33 constructed utilizing the 1.5x canine genome sequence.

A high-density map of the region of canine Chromosome 5 (CFA5) surrounding the evolutionary breakpoint between human Chromosomes 1p32 and 17pll was constructed by integrating a radiation hybrid map including 41 microsatellites, 10 BACs, and 59 genes and a linkage map including 18 markers. A collection of canine genomic survey sequences providing 1.5x coverage was used to identify dog orthologs of human genes, proving instrumental in the development of this map. Of particular interest is the canine BHD gene, within which we have previously described a single nucleotide polymorphism associated with Hereditary Multifocal Renal Cystadenocarcinoma and Nodular Dermatofibrosis (RCND) in German Shepherd dogs. The corresponding region of the human genome is particularly gene rich, containing genes involved in development, metabolism, and cancer that are likely to be of interest in future mapping studies. This current mapping effort on CFA5 expands the degree to which initial findings of linkage in canine families can be followed by successful positional cloning efforts and increases the value of the human genome sequence for defining candidate genes. Moreover, this study demonstrates the utility of genomic survey sequences when combined with accurate genome maps for rapid mapping of disease susceptibility loci.[1]


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