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Transcription of SCO-spondin in the subcommissural organ: evidence for down-regulation mediated by serotonin.

The subcommissural organ (SCO) is a brain gland located in the roof of the third ventricle that releases glycoproteins into the cerebrospinal fluid, where they form a structure known as Reissner's fiber (RF). On the basis of SCO-spondin sequence (the major RF glycoprotein) and experimental findings, the SCO has been implicated in central nervous system development; however, its function(s) after birth remain unclear. There is evidence suggesting that SCO activity in adult animals may be regulated by serotonin (5HT). The use of an anti-5HT serum showed that the bovine SCO is heterogeneously innervated with most part being poorly innervated, whereas the rat SCO is richly innervated throughout. Antibodies against serotonin receptor subtype 2A rendered a strong immunoreaction at the ventricular cell pole of the bovine SCO cells and revealed the expected polypeptides in blots of fresh and organ-cultured bovine SCO. Analyses of organ-cultured bovine SCO treated with 5HT revealed a twofold decrease of both SCO-spondin mRNA level and immunoreactive RF glycoproteins, whereas no effect on release of RF glycoproteins into the culture medium was detected. Rats subjected to pharmacological depletion of 5HT exhibited an SCO-spondin mRNA level twofold higher than untreated rats. These results indicate that 5HT down-regulates SCO-spondin biosynthesis but apparently not its release, and suggest that 5HT may exert the effect on the SCO via the cerebrospinal fluid.[1]


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