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Dissecting RNA silencing in protoplasts uncovers novel effects of viral suppressors on the silencing pathway at the cellular level.

Short interfering RNA (siRNA)-mediated RNA silencing plays an important role in cellular defence against viral infection and abnormal gene expression in multiple organisms. Many viruses have evolved silencing suppressors for counter-defence. We have developed an RNA silencing system in the protoplasts of Nicotiana benthamiana to investigate the functions of viral suppressors at the cellular level. We showed that RNA silencing against a green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter gene in the protoplasts could be induced rapidly and specifically by co-transfection with the reporter gene and various silencing inducers [i.e. siRNA, double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) or plasmid encoding dsRNA]. Using this system, we uncovered novel roles of some viral suppressors. Notably, the Cucumber mosaic virus 2b protein, shown previously to function predominantly by preventing the long-distance transmission of systemic silencing signals, was a very strong silencing suppressor in the protoplasts. Some suppressors thought to interfere with upstream steps of siRNA production appeared to also act downstream. Therefore, a viral suppressor can affect multiple steps of the RNA silencing pathway. Our analyses suggest that protoplast-based transient RNA silencing is a useful experimental system to investigate the functions of viral suppressors and further dissect the mechanistic details of the RNA silencing pathway in single cells.[1]


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