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Sequence variation of bradykinin receptors B1 and B2 and association with hypertension.

OBJECTIVE: To identify variants in the complete genomic sequence of the two subtypes of bradykinin receptors: B1 (BDKRB1) and B2 (BDKRB2) and to examine the association of these variants with essential hypertension. DESIGN: A case-control design comparing hypertensive and normotensive individuals was used. METHOD: A 64.4 kb genomic region containing the BDKRB1 and BDKRB2 genes was sequenced in 30 African-American individuals. A total of 282 single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were identified. A total of 21 SNPs were genotyped in our complete cohorts of hypertensive and normotensive African-Americans (n = 218), American-Caucasians (n = 220) and Greek-Caucasians (n = 194). Pair-wise correlation coefficients were computed to assess linkage disequilibrium (LD) patterns among the SNPs. Chi-squared tests and logistic regression were used to assess association between the SNPs and hypertension status. RESULT: Pairwise LD demonstrated a general pattern of decline with increasing distance, which was consistent among the three groups with less LD in African-Americans. One SNP in the promoter region of BDKRB2 (rs1799722) was associated with hypertension (P = 0.044) in African-Americans. One SNP in BDKRB2 and three SNPs in BDKRB1 were associated with hypertension (P-values between 0.026 and 0.0004) in American-Caucasians. Haplotypes including those four SNPs and one SNP in B2, which results in an amino acid change, demonstrated a significant haplotype frequency difference between hypertensive and normotensive American-Caucasians (P = 0.025). CONCLUSION: These results support the hypothesis that the African-American population is an older population compared with the other samples and the two bradykinin receptors may play a role in blood pressure regulation.[1]


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