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On-column capillary electrophoretic monitoring of rapid reaction kinetics for determination of the antioxidative potential of various bioactive phenols.

An on-column capillary electrophoretic procedure for the determination of the antioxidative potential of various bioactive phenols, found in plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts, is described. The assay is based on a rapid mixing of phenols or phenolic extracts before the capillary, followed by pressurized injection of the reaction mixture into the capillary. After incubation of the reaction mixture inside the capillary, high voltage is switched on and separation of reactants and products is performed. Using hydrogen peroxide as a stressor, the kinetics of the oxidation of various bioactive phenols was studied (rutin, chlorogenic acid, quercetin, caffeic acid, gallic acid, and combinations of these) and compared with the oxidation rate of L-ascorbic acid as a reference. The concept was demonstrated for the determination of the antioxidative potential of various polyphenol mixtures and of the methanol extract of the sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.). In most cases quercetin has the highest rate constant of oxidation among the tested phenolic compounds. However, in the mixture L-ascorbic acid/quercetin, the oxidation rate of L-ascorbic acid was enhanced and oxidation of quercetin was strongly inhibited compared with the other combinations of tested polyphenols.[1]


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