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Anti-proliferative and anti-leukemic activity of DDE46 (compound WHI-07), a novel bromomethoxylated arylphosphate derivative of zidovudine, and related compounds. Studies using human acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells and the zebrafish model.

The anti-proliferative effects of a novel bromomethoxylated arylphosphate derivative of zidovudine (compound DDE46, CAS 213982-96-8) were first examined in a zebra fish embryo model. DDE46 blocked the cell division at the 2-cell stage of the embryonic development followed by total cell fusion. DDE46 also inhibited the proliferation of the leukemic cell lines NALM-6 and MOLT-3. DDE46 enhanced the activity of the pro-apoptotic enzymes Caspase-3, Caspase-6, Caspase-8, and Caspase-9 leading to the apoptotic death of the leukemic cell line Jurkat. These results justify the further development of this agent as a new anti-leukemic drug candidate.[1]


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