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Mucin-producing parathyroid carcinoma.

A 67-year-old white male presented with symptomatic hypercalcemia (15.6 mg/dl) in December 1989. He had undergone thyroidectomy for removal of a mucin-producing adenocarcinoma of the thyroid in 1967, and after eight years of follow-up during which time no other neoplasms were detected, he was reported as a unique case of this syndrome. Mild hypercalcemia (less than 11.0 mg/dl) was first noted in 1987, and this had remained stable until shortly before the acute presentation. Multiple lung nodules were observed radiographically and presumed to be granulomatous until increased size was observed shortly before presentation. Serum intact PTH was 190 pg/ml (n 10-55), but at neck exploration no parathyroid tissue was found and surgery did not resolve the hypercalcemia. Serum PTHrP was undetectable. Biopsies from all three lobes of the right lung revealed numerous nodules of metastatic adenocarcinoma with cords of tumor cells surrounded by mucin. The histology was similar to that obtained 23 years earlier. Following left upper lobe resection with removal of a 3-cm nodule, hypercalcemia resolved. The tumor stained strongly positive with a peroxidase stain for PTH using a polyclonal antibody. Northern blot hybridization of total RNA from the tumor confirmed the presence of message for PTH but not PTHrP. The original diagnosis has been revised to that of a unique case of mucin-producing parathyroid cancer with an extraordinarily long latency period before recurrence.[1]


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