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Disease relevance of Thyroidectomy


High impact information on Thyroidectomy

  • Total thyroidectomy is best avoided in most cases, considering the price of hypoparathyroidism and the lack of significant improvement in survival compared with lesser ablative techniques [6].
  • The patients in group 1 were randomly assigned to treatment with methimazole for 18 months or subtotal thyroidectomy, and those in group 2 to either of these two treatments or to iodine-131 therapy [7].
  • We assessed thyroid function for 12 months after subtotal thyroidectomy in 100 tyrotoxic patients treated with propranolol alone before and immediately after operation [8].
  • Three standard management plans were considered: immediate subtotal thyroidectomy; a six month trial of thyroid suppression with L-thyroxine, with non-suppressible lesions being removed surgically; and aspiration cytology followed by surgery or thyroid suppression based on the cytologic examination [9].
  • Nevertheless, serum TG determinations are useful for assessing the presence and possibly the extent of residual or recurrent nonmedullary thyroid cancer in patients who have undergone total thyroidectomy [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Thyroidectomy


Biological context of Thyroidectomy


Anatomical context of Thyroidectomy


Associations of Thyroidectomy with chemical compounds


Gene context of Thyroidectomy

  • A significant correlation between numbers of Fos-like IR cells in the pPVN and plasma TSH concentration following thyroidectomy was also observed, suggesting that plasma levels of TSH correlate directly with the number of activated TRH-containing neurons located in the pPVN [30].
  • To achieve these goals, we determined the frequency of occult PTC among patients operated for MTC (n = 82) or undergoing total thyroidectomy mainly for goiter and/or nodules (n = 7313) between 1994-2001 [31].
  • Several weeks after thyroidectomy (T), female rats stopped growing, and their pituitary GH content had decreased to less than 2--3% of the values found for age-matched controls (C) [32].
  • Initial treatment of MTC is total thyroidectomy, regardless of its genetic type or putative sporadic nature, because surgery offers the only chance for a cure [33].
  • Quantitative measurement of thyroglobulin mRNA in peripheral blood of patients after total thyroidectomy [34].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Thyroidectomy


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