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Identification and immunohistochemical localization of Sulfotransferase 2B1b (SULT2B1b) in human lung.

Sulfotransferase 2B1b (SULT2B1b) is a member of SULT 2 gene family. SULT2B1a and SULT2B1b are transcribed from the same gene using different transcriptional start sites and contain different first exons as the result of alternative splicing. SULT2B1a and SULT2B1b are 350 and 365 AA in length, respectively. Northern blot analysis and SULT2B1 isoform specific RT-PCR detected only SULT2B1b message in human lung tissue. Immunoblot analysis of human lung tissue with a specific rabbit anti-SULT2B1 polyclonal antibody detected only SULT2B1b immunoreactive protein in human lung cytosol. Immunoprecipitation and MALDI mass spectroscopic analysis verified that the immunoreactive protein was SULT2B1b. Immunohistochemical localization of SULT2B1b in human tissues showed expression in the cytoplasm of ciliated columnar or cuboidal epithelial cells in terminal bronchia. No staining was observed in alveolar cells. SULT2B1b is selective for the sulfation of 3beta-hydroxysteroids such as dehydroepiandrosterone and pregnenolone as well as cholesterol. The presence of SULT2B1b in lung tissues suggests a role in the regulation of local steroid hormone synthesis and metabolism.[1]


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