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Identification of an interleukin-6 responsive element and characterization of the proximal promoter region of the rat hemopexin gene.

The rat hemopexin (Hx) gene was isolated and studies of its transcriptional regulation initiated. For analysis by a transient expression assay, the sequence between -2400 and +21 and sequential 5' truncates were linked to the chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT) gene. HepG2 cells transfected with these CAT constructs were treated with conditioned medium of lipopolysaccharide stimulated human monocytes, interleukin-1 ( IL-1) or interleukin-6 (IL-6). The activities of putative regulatory regions joined to the SV40 promoter indicated that the flanking region of the rat Hx gene from -209 to -104 contains three functional regions designated proximal regulatory regions; PRR-I (-209 to -173), -II (-178 to -158) and -III (-154 to -104). We found that PRR-II contains a different class of IL-6 responsive element (RE) from that reported for the human Hx gene, and that PRR-I and PRR-III participate in the basal expression of rat Hx in HepG2 cells.[1]


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