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The mammalian formin FHOD1 interacts with the ERK MAP kinase pathway.

Formin homology 2 domain containing protein (FHOD1), a mammalian formin, regulates cytoskeletal architecture, enhances cell migration, and induces gene expression from the serum response element. In this study, we describe co-precipitation of FHOD1 with components of the ERK MAP kinase pathway while co-precipitation of FHOD1 with p38 MAP kinase and JNK was not observed. In addition, FHOD1 co-localized to lamellipodia with Raf-1 and to stress fibers with MEK. FHOD1- induced gene expression from the serum response element was dependent on ERK MAP kinase activation, and the native skeletal actin promoter were activated by FHOD1 through the SRF site. However, FHOD1- induced stress-fiber formation and gene expression from the skeletal actin promoter was independent of ERK activation. These novel data demonstrate that FHOD1- ERK MAP kinase interaction regulates key aspects of FHOD1 biology.[1]


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