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Role of the ovary in the synthesis of placental protein-14.

Women with absent ovarian function provide an opportunity to investigate the ovarian contribution to secretion of placental proteins (PP), such as PP14, in early pregnancy. We present data on serum PP14 levels in 12 women (median age, 30.5 yr; range, 26-37 yr) with premature ovarian failure ( POF) who conceived after ovum donation and embryo transfer with exogenous sex steroid support using transdermal (n = 5) or oral (n = 7) estradiol and vaginal (n = 8) or im (n = 4) progesterone. The women were closely monitored throughout early pregnancy, with measurement of serum levels of estradiol (E2), progesterone (P4), and PP14. Levels of E2 and P4 were entirely normal. Levels of PP14 were significantly subnormal (P = 0.008) in all 12 agonadal women compared with levels of PP14 in a control group of women with normal ovarian function between 6-12 weeks gestation. Basal and peak levels for subjects with absent ovarian function were 40 and 124 micrograms/L, respectively. For each week between 6-12 weeks of pregnancy, the mean serum levels of PP14 for women with normal ovarian function were between 706-940 micrograms/L. These observations support the concept that PP14 arises from the ovary in early pregnancy or that factors under the control of the maternal ovary are involved in its production by the endometrium.[1]


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