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Inguinal herniorrhaphy under monitored anesthesia care with ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric block: the impact of adding clonidine to ropivacaine.

There is no information concerning the association of ropivacaine and clonidine for ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric block. In this prospective, double-blind study, we randomly assigned 40 adult patients scheduled for inguinal herniorrhaphy under monitored anesthesia care to receive either 225 mg ropivacaine (7.5 mg/mL) alone (control group) or combined with 75 mug clonidine (clonidine group) for preoperative ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric block. After completion of surgery, patients were transferred to the postanesthesia care unit and were asked to stand up and walk around at the second postoperative hour. After leaving the postanesthesia care unit, patients could take oral propacetamol (500 mg) and codeine (30 mg) on request. Pain intensity was assessed with a 100 mm visual analog scale. Time to first request of supplemental analgesics (median [95% confidence interval]) was 10 h (7.1-14.5 h) and 9 h (6.4->24 h) respectively in the clonidine and control groups (P = 0.83). Pain at rest did not differ between groups whereas pain at motion was reduced on the third postoperative day in the clonidine group. More patients who received clonidine experienced orthostatic hypotension upon standing up within the first postoperative hours (6 of 20 versus 1 of 20 in the control group; P < 0.05). In conclusion, the benefit of adding clonidine 75 mug to ropivacaine for ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric block for motion pain on the third postoperative day must be balanced with an increasing risk of orthostatic hypotension in the immediate postoperative period.[1]


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