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Accelerated lipid absorption in mice overexpressing intestinal SR-BI.

Dietary cholesterol absorption contributes to a large part of the circulating cholesterol. However, the mechanism of sterol intestinal uptake is not clearly elucidated. Scavenger receptor class B type I (SR-BI), major component in the control of cholesterol homeostasis, is expressed in the intestine, but its role in this organ remains unclear. We have generated transgenic mice overexpressing SR-BI primarily in the intestine by using the mouse SR-BI gene under the control of intestinal specific "apoC-III enhancer coupled with apoA-IV promoter." We found SR-BI overexpression with respect to the natural protein along the intestine and at the top of the villosities. After a meal containing [(14)C]cholesterol and [(3)H]triolein, SR-BI transgenic mice presented a rise in intestinal absorption of both lipids that was not due to a defect in chylomicron clearance nor to a change in the bile flow or the bile acid content. Nevertheless, SR-BI transgenic mice showed a decrease of total cholesterol but an increase of triglyceride content in plasma without any change in the high density lipoprotein apoA-I level. Thus, we described for the first time a functional role in vivo for SR-BI in cholesterol but also in triglyceride intestinal absorption.[1]


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