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Regulation of galactose operon at the gal operator-promoter region in Escherichia coli K-12.

The capR (lon) product controls expression of the gal operon independently of the galR repressor. Previously, mutations of the gal operon have been isolated that are semiconstitutive and alter response to the capR and/or capT product. Such mutants imply the existence of a distinct site in the operon that responds to capR (capT) control. This mutation could be either in a site near the operator-distal end of the galE gene, which signals rho factor termination of transcription in vitro or in a site in the operator-promoter region. Bacteriophage U3 was used to isolate galE mutations in HC2142 (a mutant exhibiting reduced response to capR control). P1 transduction was used to cross these mutants with a set of galE gene deletion. Analysis of the resulting Gal+ recombinants indicates that the regulatory site is in the operator-promoter region. Hence, it is unlikely that capR functions in control as an anti-rho factor at the operator-distal end of the galE gene, but more likely as previously suggested, at a second operator distinct from one responding to galR repressor control. Upon induction with D-fucose, a promoter mutant (UV211) isolated previously expressed 20 to 30% of the galactose enzymes that the wild type exhibited in the presence of the inducer D-fucose. The effects of various mutations in cya, capR, and galR on galactokinase synthesis in this mutant were determined. Galactokinase was derepressed by capR as well as galR, but the presence or absence of the cya gene product was unimportant.[1]


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