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Retention of function without normal disc morphogenesis occurs in cone but not rod photoreceptors.

It is commonly assumed that photoreceptor (PR) outer segment (OS) morphogenesis is reliant upon the presence of peripherin/rds, hereafter termed Rds. In this study, we demonstrate a differential requirement of Rds during rod and cone OS morphogenesis. In the absence of this PR-specific protein, rods do not form OSs and enter apoptosis, whereas cone PRs develop atypical OSs and are viable. Such OSs consist of dysmorphic membranous structures devoid of lamellae. These tubular OSs lack any stacked lamellae and have reduced phototransduction efficiency. The loss of Rds only appears to affect the shape of the OS, as the inner segment and connecting cilium remain intact. Furthermore, these structures fail to associate with the specialized extracellular matrix that surrounds cones, suggesting that Rds itself or normal OS formation is required for this interaction. This study provides novel insight into the distinct role of Rds in the OS development of rods and cones.[1]


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