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  • Calcium ions appear to have a role in this phototransduction process: they provide negative feedback between the conductance, which is permeable to Ca2+ (refs 4, 5), and the concentration of cGMP, which is sensitive to Ca2+ (refs 6-8) [22].
  • These results suggest the existence of a positive feedback loop at the cone output synapse: over most of the light-response range, glutamate released by depolarization of the cone will cause further depolarization, increasing the gain of phototransduction [23].
  • These results suggest a model for phototransduction, with implications for bacteriorhodopsin, photoactive proteins, PAS domains, and signalling proteins [24].
  • Changes in cyclic AMP following light exposure have been reported, leading to the suggestion that in cone phototransduction cAMP assumes a role analogous to that played by cGMP in rods [25].
  • Heterotrimeric GTP-binding proteins, calcium-calmodulin, cyclic guanosine 5'-phosphate, and the COP-DET-FUS class of master regulators are implicated as signaling intermediates in phototransduction [26].

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