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Photoreceptors, Vertebrate

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  • Because rd gene induces different age-related degeneration of cones and rods, we have examined age-related changes in the sensitivity to a light pulse for phase-shifting the locomotor activity rhythms in CBA/J-rd/rd mice [2].

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Gene context of Photoreceptors, Vertebrate

  • In Aipl1(-/-) retinas, the outer nuclear layer develops normally, but rods and cones then quickly degenerate [23].
  • Consistent with expression of RPGR in rods and cones, our results show that mutations in RPGR, in addition to X-linked RP, can also cause cone-specific degeneration [24].
  • Thus, these studies suggest that rods and cones, express the same form of GRK1 [25].
  • These findings support the hypothesis that IRBP is synthesized by the rods and cones, and suggest that its synthesis and secretion are initiated when the photoreceptor inner segments start to differentiate [26].
  • This and a previous study reveal that CaBP4 is critical for signal transmission from rods and cones to second-order neurons [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Photoreceptors, Vertebrate


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