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Interferon-alpha Genes from Bos and Bubalus bubalus.

Interferon-a genes were cloned from six breeds of three species of two genera (three Chinese native cattle breeds of yellow cattle, wild yak and HuanHu domestic yak, one European breed of Holstein cow, and two water buffalo breeds of FuAn water buffalo and FuZhong water buffalo) by direct PCR. The PCR products were directly inserted into the expression vector to be sequenced and expressed. Sequence analysis showed that IFN-a genes of six clones were composed of 498 nucleotides, encoding a mature polypeptide with 166 amino acids. Compared with the published BoIFN-a subtypes, the IFN-a gene of Holstein cow had only one point mutation with the BoIFN-aA subtype. The IFN-a gene of yellow cattle was similar to the BoIFN-aD subtype with amino acid identity of 97.0% and may be considered as a new subtype, namely, BoIFN-aD1. The other four IFN-a genes, cloned from wild yak and HuanHu domestic yak, FuAn water buffalo, and FuZhong water buffalo, represented four new subtypes, namely, BoIFN-aI, BoIFN-aJ, BuIFN-a1, and BuIFN-a2, respectively. Each of the six clones was expressed in E. coli with molecular weight of ~ 20kDa by SDS-PAGE and Western blot analyses. Antiviral activity assays showed that the six recombinant IFN-a (rIFN-a) all exhibited 1000 times higher antiviral activity in the MDBK/VSV cell line than in the CEF/VSV one. Moreover, the rIFN-as could inhibit infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus replication in the MDBK cell line using CPE inhibition method. The results suggested that rIFN-as a potential agent for clinical application against virus diseases in cattle industry.[1]


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