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AhSSK1, a novel SKP1-like protein that interacts with the S-locus F-box protein SLF.

The S-locus F-box (SLF/SFB) protein, recently identified as the pollen determinant of S-RNase-based self-incompatibility (SI) in Solanaceae, Scrophulariaceae and Rosaceae, has been proposed to serve as the subunit of an SCF (SKP1- CUL1-F-box) ubiquitin ligase and to target its pistil counterpart S-RNase during the SI response. However, the underlying mechanism is still in dispute, and the putative SLF-binding SKP1-equivalent protein remains unknown. Here, we report the identification of AhSSK1, Antirrhinum hispanicumSLF-interacting SKP1-like1, using a yeast two-hybrid screen against a pollen cDNA library. GST pull-down assays confirmed the SSK1-SLF interaction, and showed that AhSSK1 could connect AhSLF to a CUL1-like protein. AhSSK1, despite having a similar secondary structure to other SKP1-like proteins, appeared quite distinctive in sequence and unique in a phylogenetic analysis, in which no SSK1 ortholog could be predicted in the sequenced genomes of Arabidopsis and rice. Thus, our results suggest that the pollen-specific SSK1 could be recruited exclusively as the adaptor of putative SCF(SLF) in those plants with S-RNase-based SI, providing an important clue to dissecting the function of the pollen determinant.[1]


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