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Primary structure of cat preproendothelin-2 and cat renal mRNA expression of preproendothelin-1 and preproendothelin-2 in naturally occurring renal failure.

Endothelin (ET)-1 is involved in the pathophysiology of various renal disorders, promoting renal cellular proliferation and extracellular matrix protein accumulation, and, thus, diminishing fundamental renal function, including filtration. To determine whether ET-1 and ET-2 play a role in feline chronic renal failure, we analyzed the messenger RNA (mRNA) expression of the prepro-ET ( PPET )-1 and PPET-2 genes in affected cat kidney after molecular cloning of full-length PPET-2 complementary DNA (cDNA). Conceptual analysis of the primary structure of cat PPET-2 based on the cloned sequence demonstrated that the putative regions corresponding to a mature peptide and peptidase processing sites are present in cat PPET-2. Homology analysis showed that the similarity of the cat PPET-2 amino acid sequence with those from human, mouse, rat, rabbit, dog, ferret, cow, and horse was 73.0%, 68.6%, 69.1%, 76.4%, 81.2%, 83.1%, 76.3%, and 79.2%, respectively. Analysis of PPET-1 and PPET-2 mRNA in cat by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction showed upregulated expression of both genes in kidneys affected by renal failure.[1]


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