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Characterization of beta-adrenoceptor subtypes and indications for two cell populations in isolated bovine mesenteric lymphatic vessels.

The pharmacological characterization of beta-adrenoceptor subtypes and the identification of two cell populations were investigated in isolated bovine mesenteric lymphatic vessels. The beta-adrenoceptor agonists isoprenaline, dobutamine and salbutamol concentration dependently decreased the amplitude and the frequency of spontaneous contractions and the amplitude of electrically induced contractions. The order of potency was isoprenaline greater than salbutamol greater than dobutamine. These effects were competitively antagonized by atenolol with pA2 values close to 7 with isoprenaline and dobutamine as agonists, and near 5.5 with salbutamol as the agonist. Noradrenaline concentration dependently reduced electrically induced contractions, an effect which was reversed to a slight enhancement after blockade of beta-adrenoceptors with propranolol (10(-6) M). These results confirmed the presence of postjunctional beta 1- and beta 2-adrenoceptor subtypes in lymphatic vessels and provide the first indication of the existence of two pharmacologically and functionally distinct cell populations, one of which exhibits pacemaker activity.[1]


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