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Chs5/6 Complex: A Multiprotein Complex That Interacts with and Conveys Chitin Synthase III from the Trans-Golgi Network to the Cell Surface.

In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the polysaccharide chitin is deposited at the mother bud junction by an integral membrane enzyme, chitin synthase 3 (Chs3p). The traffic of Chs3p to the cell surface from the trans-Golgi network (TGN) depends on two proteins, Chs5p and Chs6p, which sort selected cargo proteins into secretory vesicles. We have found that Chs5p forms a large higher-order complex of around 1 MDa with Chs6p and three Chs6 paralogs: Bch1p, Bud7p, and Bch2p. The Chs5/6 complex transiently interacts with its cargo, Chs3p, and the presence of Chs3p in the complex is dependent on every subunit. Chs5p and Chs6p have unique and crucial roles in Chs3p transport because either a chs5Delta or chs6Delta mutant drastically reduces the level of Chs3p bound to the remaining subunits of the complex. Bch1p and Bud7p appear to have a redundant function in Chs3p transport because deletion of both is necessary to displace Chs3p from the complex. The role of Bch2p in Chs3p binding is the least important. Chs5p is essential for structural integrity of the Chs5/6 complex and may act as a scaffold through which the other subunits assemble. Our results suggest a model of protein sorting at the TGN that involves a peripheral, possibly coat, complex that includes multiple related copies of a specificity determining subunit.[1]


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