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The mode of inhibition of herpes simplex and vesicular stomatitis ocular viral infections in the rabbit and hamster by an interferon inducer tilorone dihydrochloride.

Ocular viral infections are a major cause of loss of vision and their effective control by applications of chemical compounds has been extensively investigated. To achieve such a control, better understanding of virus-host-drug interactions become a necessity. Two models, hamster and rabbit cornea, were selected for assays of protection afforded by tilorone dihydrochloride against herpes simplex (HSV) and vesicular stomatitis viruses (VSV). To obtain basic biologic comparison between viral interference and interferon-induction by tilorone, the hamster cornea system was first studied to produce a mutual viral interference by double infection. Furthermore, its effect against ascending herpetic ocular infection into encephalitis was evaluated in the rabbit. This compound was reported to have promising results in improving manifestations such as corneal ulceration, uveitis and conjunctivitis.[1]


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