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Salicylic Acid and a Chitin Elicitor Both Control Expression of the CAD1 Gene Involved in the Plant Immunity of Arabidopsis.

The Arabidopsis mutant cad1 (constitutively activated cell death 1) shows a phenotype that mimics hypersensitive response (HR)-like cell death. The CAD1 gene, which encodes a protein containing a domain with significant homology to the MACPF (membrane attach complex and perforin) domain of complement components and perforin, is likely to control plant immunity negatively and has a W-box cis-element in its promoter region. We found that expression of the CAD1 gene and other W-box containing genes, such as NPR1 and PR2, was promoted by salicylic acid (SA) and benzothiadiazole (BTH) as a SA agonist. The CAD1 gene was also stimulated by a purified chitin oligosaccharide elicitor (degree of polymerization = 8). This latter control was not under SA, because CAD1 expression was not suppressed in 35SnahG transgenic plants, which are unable to accumulate SA. These expression profiles were confirmed by promoter analysis using pCAD1::GUS transgenic plants. The CAD1 expression promoted by BTH and the chitin elicitor was not suppressed in the npr1 mutant, which is insensitive to SA signaling. These results indicate that the CAD1 gene is regulated by two distinct pathways involving SA and a chitin elicitor: viz., SA signaling mediated through an NPR1-independent pathway, and chitin elicitor signaling, through an SA-independent pathway. Three CAD1 homologs that have multiple W-box elements in their promoters were also found to be under the control of SA.[1]


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