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Genomic organization and allelic expression of UBE3A in chicken.

UBE3A, the gene associated with Angelman syndrome, is part of a cluster of genes in the human chromosome 15q11-q13/mouse chromosome 7C region, that is subject to genomic imprinting. In human and mouse brain, UBE3A is expressed predominantly from the maternal allele, and the paternal allele is silenced. A current model concerning the evolution of genomic imprinting, the parental conflict hypothesis, posits that this epigenetic phenomenon is restricted to eutherian mammals. It has been recently reported, however, that several chicken orthologues of mammalian imprinted loci display DNA replication asynchrony, a property of imprinted genes. A separate group also reported monoallelic expression of chicken IGF2 in developing chicken embryos. These observations could suggest that genomic imprinting may occur in chicken. We have assembled the predicted mRNA consensus sequence for the chicken UBE3A gene using published ESTs. We report a high degree of homology with the human UBE3A at the nucleotide and protein levels, as well as a highly conserved genomic organization. Biallelic expression of UBE3A is observed in embryonic chicken brain and limb, indicating that UBE3A is not subject to genomic imprinting in chicken.[1]


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