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Oncogene-specific gene expression signatures at preneoplastic stage in mice define distinct mechanisms of hepatocarcinogenesis.

We applied a genome-wide microarray analysis to three transgenic mouse models of liver cancer in which targeted overexpression of c-Myc, E2f1, and a combination of the two was driven by the albumin promoter. Although gene expression profiles in HCC derived in all three transgenic lines were highly similar, oncogene-specific gene expression signatures were identified at an early dysplastic stage of hepatocarcinogenesis. Overexpression of E2f1 was associated with a strong alteration in lipid metabolism, and Srebp1was identified as a candidate transcription factor responsible for lipogenic enzyme induction. The molecular signature of c-Myc overexpression included the induction of more than 60 genes involved in the translational machinery that correlated with an increase in liver mass. In contrast, the combined activity of c-Myc and E2f1 specifically enhanced the expression of genes involved in mitochondrial metabolism-particularly the components of the respiratory chain-and correlated with an increased ATP synthesis. Thus, the results suggest that E2f1, c-Myc, and their combination may promote liver tumor development by distinct mechanisms. In conclusion, determination of tissue-specific oncogene expression signatures might be useful to identify conserved expression modules in human cancers. (HEPATOLOGY 2006.).[1]


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