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Interaction of normal and tumor transfer RNA methyltransferases with ethionine-induced methyl-deficient rat liver transfer RNA.

The tRNA methyltransferases from normal rat liver and Novikoff hepatoma have been compared with respect to their base specificity, capacity to methylate, and reaction kinetics, using mixed Escherichia coli B transfer RNA (tRNA) and ethionine-induced partially methyl-deficient rat liver tRNA. The pattern of base methylation of the two substrates is different with the use of enzymes from either source. In particular, N1-methylguanine methylation is much greater in the methyl-deficient rat liver tRNA. The enzymes from the two sources also show differences in specificity of base methylation in either substrate, particularly in the percentage of N2-methylguanine synthesized.The Novikoff hepatoma enzymes have a greater capacity for methylation with either type of tRNA than do rat liver enzymes. The methyl-deficient rat liver tRNA is a poorer substrate for the enzymes from both sources than is E. coli B tRNA in terms of rate of methylation as well as total acceptance of methyl groups. The affinity constants are somewhat higher for the methyl-deficient rat liver tRNA than for E. coli B tRNA. The Novikoff hepatoma enzymes, in general, have larger affinity constants than the rat liver enzymes. Maximal velocities for the various base-specific enzymes are lower with the methyl-deficient rat liver tRNA, with the exception of the 1-methylguanine specific enzymes. These enzymes from either rat liver or Novikoff hepatoma exhibit approximately a 2.5-fold greater maximal velocity with methyl-deficient rat liver tRNA.[1]


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