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Pharmacoeconomic assessment of ciclopirox topical solution, 8%, oral terbinafine, and oral itraconazole for onychomycosis.

Most pharmacoeconomic data available for antifungal agents are based on US or European cost parameters. Similar data have not been reported in a Canadian health care system. A pharmacoeconomic analysis was performed considering the costs of drug acquisition and medical management, which were representative of the Canadian health care system, for each of the therapies approved for use in toenail onychomycosis in Canada: continuous oral terbinafine, oral pulse itraconazole, and topical ciclopirox 8% nail lacquer. A survey of provincial fee schedules was conducted to determine the representative costs of parameters relating to onychomycosis treatment, such as consultation visit cost, return visit cost, mycology testing, liver function testing, and complete blood count analysis. Manufacturers' costs were used to calculate representative drug acquisition costs. Meta-analysis was used to determine the average mycologic cure rates of each therapy, and the medical literature was consulted to determine the relapse rates for each therapy. Ciclopirox nail lacquer had the lowest drug acquisition costs compared with continuous terbinafine and pulse itraconazole ($197.89 vs $311.39 and $323.40, respectively). Using the pharmacoeconomic model with three 1-year treatment phases, in which failures or relapses were re-treated with the primary drug, the expected cost per patient was $601.52 with ciclopirox nail lacquer, $746.72 with oral terbinafine, and $938.42 with itraconazole. The main analysis assumed that two bottles of ciclopirox nail lacquer were required per treatment. The cost for the ciclopirox lacquer exceeded continuous terbinafine but remained lower than pulse itraconazole when three bottles of ciclopirox nail lacquer were considered in the calculation of cost per mycological cure. A variety of relapse rates were tested, and ciclopirox using two or fewer bottles remained cost-effective compared with continuous terbinafine or pulse itraconazole, regardless of the relapse rate. Where three bottles are required, the cost-effectiveness of ciclopirox nail lacquer is less than that of continuous terbinafine but more cost-effective than that of pulse itraconazole.[1]


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