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Disease relevance of Nails


High impact information on Nails


Chemical compound and disease context of Nails


Biological context of Nails


Anatomical context of Nails


Associations of Nails with chemical compounds

  • In the analysis of covariance the best predictors of toenail selenium concentration were selenium intake from supplements and food, and among supplement users dietary beta-carotene also [23].
  • Oral terbinafine treatment for superficial fungal infections of toe and fingernails is associated with a low incidence (1:45000) of hepatobiliary dysfunction [24].
  • Phenol cauterization for ingrowing toenails: a review of five years' experience [25].
  • Use of toenail fluoride levels as an indicator for the risk of hip and forearm fractures in women [26].
  • Furnace atomic absorption and flame atomic absorption were used to determine toenail cadmium and zinc concentrations, respectively [1].

Gene context of Nails

  • Zimmermann-Laband syndrome (ZLS) is characterised by findings of coarse facial appearance, hepatosplenomegaly, and hirsutism often first observed in infancy, followed by the evolution during childhood of gingival fibromatosis, small joint hyperextensibility, and hypoplasia of the finger- and toenails [27].
  • Symmetrically thickened fingernails and toenails are the defining characteristic of PC type 2 (PC-2) with onset at infancy [17].
  • Therefore, it seems that GSTT1 modifies the relationship between As(in) exposure and toenail As(in) content [28].
  • Healthy Japanese volunteers provided hairs (n = 50), buccal cell swabs (n = 50), and fingernails (n = 30) for N-acetyltransferase 2 and CYP2C19 genotyping [16].
  • Median toenail Se was lower for HCC cases than controls (p = 0.03) [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nails


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