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Mapping and gene conversion studies with the structural gene for iso-1-cytochrome C in yeast.

We have investigated the order of the four genes cyc1, rad7, SUP4, and cdc8 which form a tightly linked cluster on the right arm of chromosome X in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Crossing over and coconversion data from tetrad analysis established the gene order to be centromere-cyc1-rad7-SUP4. Also cdc8 appeared to be distal to SUP4 on the basis of crossovers that were associated with conversion of SUP4. The frequencies of recombination and the occurrence of coconversions suggest that these four genes are contiguous or at least nearly so. Gene-conversion frequencies for several cyc1 alleles were studied, including cyc1-1, a deletion of the whole gene that extends into the rad7 locus. The cyc1-1 deletion was found to be capable of conversion, though at a frequency some fivefold less than the other alleles studied, and both 3:1 and 1:3 events were detected. In general 1:3 and 3:1 conversion events were equally frequent at all loci studied, and approximately 50% of conversions were accompanied by reciprocal recombination for flanking markers. The orientation of the cyc1 gene could not be clearly deduced from the behavior of the distal marker SUP4 in wild-type recombinants that arose from diploids heteroallelic for cyc1 mutations.[1]


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