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Vaccination of nonhuman primates with killed oncogenic herpesviruses.

Killed herpesvirus cancer vaccines were prepared by inactivation of oncogenic herpesviruses (Herpesvirus saimiri and Herpesvirus ateles) with heat and formaldehyde. The killed vaccines, which are not free of viral nucleic acid, were safe in 121 vaccinated monkeys of 4 different species. Some of these monkeys have now been under observation for 2 years. The vaccines induced high titers of specific humoral antibodies in all vaccinated monkeys. The killed vaccines proved to be efficient against the i.m. challenge with cell-free oncogenic herpesviruses. The challenged animals remained clinically well without signs of an infection and have now been under observation for 1 year, while the nonvaccinated control monkeys died of malignant lymphoma 34 to 52 days after inoculation. The protection against H. saimiri could be passively transmitted with the serum of the vaccinated monkeys. The vaccination did not prevent but delayed tumor development after tumor cell transplantation. The resistance against the oropharyngeal route of infection remains to be determined.[1]


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