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Itaconate, an isocitrate lyase-directed inhibitor in Pseudomonas indigofera.

Enzymes catalyzing steps from ethanol to acetyl-coenzyme A, from malate to pyruvate, and from pyruvate to glucose 6-phosphate were identified in ethanol-grown Pseudomonas indigofera. Enzymes catalyzing the catabolism of glucose to pyruvate via the Entner-Doudoroff pathway were identified in glucose-grown cells. Phosphofructokinase could not be detected in Pseudomonas indigofera. Itaconate, a potent inhibitor of isocitrate lyase, abolished growth of P. indigofera on ethanol at concentrations that had little effect upon growth on glucose. The date obtained through enzyme analyses and studies of itaconate inhibition with both extracts and toluene-treated cells suggest that itaconate selectively inhibits and reduces the specific activity of isocitrate lyase.[1]


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