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Inter-relationships between selenium and thyroid hormone metabolism in the rat and man.

Labelling of rat kidney microsomes in vitro with [125I]-bromoacetyl T4 produced two bands on SDS/PAGE with Mr of 55 kDa and 27.5 kDa representing protein disulphide isomerase and type I iodothyronine deiodinase (ID-I) respectively. The amount of the 55 kDa band was unchanged by selenium (Se) deficiency but the 27.5 kDa protein was markedly decreased in kidney microsomal fraction obtained from Se-deficient rats. Concurrent Se and iodine deficiency produced a significant increase in thyroid weight, plasma thyrotrophin (TSH) and a decrease in thyroidal iodine when compared with either single Se or iodine deficiency. These results suggest that ID-I is a selenoprotein and that Se deficiency can exacerbate the hypothyroidism observed in iodine deficiency. In man, blood glutathione peroxidase and blood Se levels were decreased in hyperthyroidism due to Graves' disease whilst normal levels of these analytes were found in patients treated for Graves' disease. These results suggest that thyroid status can affect Se balance rather than Se deficiency predisposes to Graves' disease.[1]


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