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Structural polypeptides of mammalian type C RNA viruses. Isolation and immunologic characterization of a low molecular weight polypeptide, p10.

Low molecular weight polypeptides of several mammalian type C RNA tumor viruses were purified by sequential ion exchange chromatography and molecular sizing techniques. These included a polypeptide with a molecular weight of 10,000 to 11,000, p 10, from two type C viruses of mouse origin. Rauscher- and Moloney-murine leukemia virus (MuL virus), and from an infectious type C virus isolate of the woolly monkey. The p12 structural polypeptides of these viruses as well as Rauscher-MuL virus p15 were also purified. By using radioimmunoassays developed for each polypeptide, it was possible to demonstrate that all three low molecular weight polypeptides, p15, p12, and p10, were immunologically unique. Among type C viral structural polypeptides, p10 has been least well characterized immunologically. The results of the present study indicate that p10 is virus-coded and possesses strong group-specific antigenic determinants. By use of appropriate immunoassays, broadly reactive interspecies determinants shared by mammalian type C virus isolates of murine, feline, and primate origin, were also demonstrated. The interspecies antigenic determinants of p10 were shown to be as broadly cross-reactive as those exhibited by the major type C virus structural polypeptide, p30.[1]


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