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Effects of isoprothiolane and phytosterol on adipocyte metabolism and fatty acid composition of serum and tissue lipids in rats.

Isoprothiolane at a dose of 250 mg/kg or phytosterol 50 mg/kg was orally administered to rats once a day for 2 weeks. Basal [U-14C]glucose conversion rate to total lipids in isolated adipocytes of the rats was significantly decreased by treatment with isoprothiolane (54%) or phytosterol (82%). Adipocytes from the rats with isoprothiolane released less glycerol than those from control rats only at an epinephrine concentration of 10 microM. The serum level of total cholesterol was depressed by phytosterol ingestion. The level of non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) was increased by isoprothiolane. Desaturation in fatty acid composition of phospholipid or cholesterol ester was observed in serum, liver and adipose tissue of the rats treated with either drug. These results suggest that either drug may have common effects by preventing lipid deposition into adipocytes and accelerating fatty acid desaturation in tissue lipids.[1]


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