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Chemical Compound Review

STIGMASTEROL     (3S,8S,9S,10R,13R,14S,17R)- 17-[(2S,5S)-5...

Synonyms: SureCN561648, SMP1_000280, AC1L1N7P, 83-48-7, 5,22-Stigmastadien-3|A-ol, ...
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Disease relevance of STIGMASTEROL


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High impact information on STIGMASTEROL

  • A reduction in intake of lipid emulsion to < 50 was associated with a decrease in plasma phytosterol concentrations and an improvement in liver function tests and platelet counts in two patients [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Children receiving PN who have high plasma phytosterol concentrations also have cholestatic liver disease and thrombocytopenia; phytosterolemia might contribute to the pathogenesis of complications of PN [1].
  • In Arabidopsis transgenic lines with CYP710A1 and CYP710A11 overexpression, stigmasterol levels increased by 6- to 32-fold [7].
  • The MSBP1 gene encodes a 220-amino acid protein that can bind to progesterone, 5-dihydrotestosterone, 24-epi-brassinolide (24-eBL), and stigmasterol with different affinities in vitro [8].
  • The availability of the SMT1 gene and mutant should permit the manipulation of phytosterol composition, which will help elucidate the role of sterols in animal nutrition [9].

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Biological context of STIGMASTEROL


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Gene context of STIGMASTEROL

  • The phytosterol-derived LXR agonist YT-32 might selectively modulate intestinal cholesterol metabolism [25].
  • Effects on the metabolism of campesterol and stigmasterol in Caenorhabditis elegans were investigated using N,N-dimethyldodecanamine, a known inhibitor of growth, reproduction and the delta 24-sterol reductase of this nematode [26].
  • 5. Investigation of the mRNA expression of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters involved in intestinal phytosterol absorption indicated significant decreases in the intestinal mRNA expression of Abcg5 and Abcg8 in SHRSP and Wistar-Kyoto rats compared with Wistar rats [27].
  • Tracer enrichment of plasma cholesterol was not significantly different between the wheat germ with extracted-and-reconstituted phytosterol (0.305 +/- 0.022 micro mol tracer/mmol cholesterol) and the original wheat germ [28].
  • Based upon these results we offer a thermodynamic explanation for the greater micellar solubilities of more hydrophilic sterols and suggest that the high affinity, but low capacity, of a typical phytosterol for binding to trihydroxy bile salt micelles may provide a physical-chemical basis for its inhibition of intestinal cholesterol absorption [29].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of STIGMASTEROL


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