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Mesocestoides corti: a GC/MS study of the effects of oxaloacetate and iodoacetate on the isotope ratios in succinate and lactate excreted in the presence of NaH13CO3.

The current study was undertaken to gain further insight into the carbohydrate metabolism of the proliferating larvae of Mesocestoides corti by studying the effect of the metabolic inhibitors oxaloacetate and iodoacetate on the incorporation of label from NaH13CO3 into the excretory products lactate and succinate. These products were converted to their methyl derivatives and analyzed by gas chromatography/ mass spectrometry (GC/MS) to determine the isotope ratios. The percentage of [1-13C]lactate, [1-13C]succinate, and [1,4-13C2]succinate decreased in the presence of oxaloacetate; iodoacetate did not significantly influence the relative amount of the former, but markedly increased percentages of the latter two. The data provide information on the relative rates of the pathways and steps within them and the influence of the inhibitors on these pathways.[1]


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