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Detection of poly(I):poly(C12U), mismatched double-stranded RNA, by rapid solution hybridization: blood values after intravenous infusion.

A rapid solution hybridization technique has been developed for estimating blood concentrations of poly(I):poly(C12U), a high molecular weight bioactive double-stranded RNA. Samples were prepared by mixing 100 microL of blood with, 165 microL of 6 M guanidine thiocyanate (GuSCN) and 0.16 M EDTA pH 8.0, and freezing. Hybridizations were carried out with a [3H]poly(C) probe in 3 M GuSCN for 10 min at 37 degrees C. Ribonuclease-resistant hybrids were collected by precipitation with trichloroacetic acid and filtration. Validation studies demonstrated minor interassay variance; the assay was accurate in the range 0.1 to 10 ng poly(I):poly(C12U). Thirty-one blood samples from 15 patients were collected and prepared before and immediately after an average 35 min intravenous infusion of 40-500 mg poly(I):poly(C12U). Postadministration values averaged 48% (s.d. 23%) of the theoretical maximum (range 20-102%). These results confirm previous observations of rapid elimination kinetics of poly(I):poly(C12U) in patients.[1]


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