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Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas with t(11;14)(q13;q32): a subset of mantle zone/intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma?

We here describe 13 patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) and a translocation t(11:14)(q13:q32). They were part of a series of 163 patients with NHL and an abnormal karyotype, serially referred to our institution between January 1984 and 1990. Patients with t(11:14) seem to present several common and interesting features. Males are more frequently affected than females, and old people more than young. They present at diagnosis with advanced disease and usually show involvement of epithelium and bone marrow. With respect to histologic diagnoses, these patients are usually considered to be of low-grade malignancies. However, most of them do very poorly, have short complete remission and frequent relapses whatever the treatment. As a whole, the median survival rate is rather low. The cytologic, histologic as well as the immunologic patterns tend to be uniform: tumours are composed of small cells and display features of mantle zone/intermediate lymphocytic lymphoma. They express high IgM and low IgD levels and more commonly bear Ig lambda light chains. They also express all pan-B antigens (except CD23) as well as the CD5 antigen, but usually lack the CD10. According to these characteristics, these tumours could be placed in between lymphocytic lymphomas (which usually express CD23) and follicular lymphomas (which commonly lack IgD and CD5 and bear CD10 as well as a t(14:18).[1]


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