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Interspecies comparison of c-myc gene in human and rat glioma cell lines.

Interspecies difference in expression of the c-myc gene between two human and three rat glioma cell lines was studied with use of a human c-myc probe. The c-myc deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) fragments detected at higher stringency in Southern blotting, showed a difference in size and gene copy number between human and rat glioma cells. The c-myc transcript was detected at both higher and lower stringencies in Northern blotting in human glioma cells, whereas it was demonstrated only at lower stringency in rat glioma cells, and the c-myc transcript was seen in cytoplasms of both glioma cells by in situ hybridization. The c-myc protein, if examined with anti-human c-myc protein monoclonal antibody, was observed as two separate components in Western blotting and localized immunocytochemically in nuclei in human glioma cells, whereas it was detected as three separate forms in Western blotting and shown in both nuclei and cytoplasm in rat glioma cells. The above discrepancy in manifestation of c-myc DNA fragments, transcript and protein could be due to the difference in nucleotide sequence of c-myc gene between human and rat glioma cells.[1]


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