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Phylogenetic relationship of zeins and coixins as determined by immunological cross-reactivity and Southern blot analysis.

Zeins from Zea mays L cv. Maya and coixins from Coix lacryma-jobi L. cv. Adlay were fractionated to obtain alpha-, beta-, and gamma-zein and alpha-, beta-, and gamma-coixin. The alpha-coixins were composed of 4 polypeptide classes of 27 kDa (C1), 25 kDa (C2), 17 kDa (C4) and 15 kDa (C5) with solubility properties very similar to those of the 22 kDa and 19 kDa alpha-zeins. Like the alpha-zeins, the C1 and C2 alpha-coixins corresponded to 80% of total Coix prolamins. The fraction corresponding to gamma-coixin contained only one protein band of 22 kDa (C3). This coixin fraction has solubility properties similar to those of gamma-zein and represents 15% of the total coixin. The beta-zein fraction was composed of a major 17 kDa protein band, while the beta-coixin fraction consisted of a mixture of alpha- and gamma-coixins. Polyclonal antibodies raised against C1 recognized C1 and C2 and cross-reacted strongly with the 22 kDa alpha-zein, as did C4 and C5 antisera. The antiserum against gamma-coixin showed strong cross-reaction with gamma-zein. The homology between coixins and zeins was further investigated by using Southern hybridization analyses. The genomic DNA of maize and Coix were digested with several restriction enzymes and probed with cDNA clones representing 19 and 22 kDa alpha-zeins as well as the 28 and 16 kDa gamma-zeins. The Coix genome showed complex cross-hybridization sequences with the 22 kDa alpha-zein cDNA, while no cross-hybridization was observed with the 19 kDa cDNA clone.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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