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Small G proteins are expressed ubiquitously in lymphoid cells and do not correspond to Bcl-2.

The bcl-2 gene is consistently associated with t(14; 18) chromosomal translocations observed in a large fraction of human B-cell lymphomas. The t(14; 18) translocation results in deregulated expression of the bcl-2 gene and synthesis of inappropriately high levels of the Bcl-2 protein. Gene transfer studies suggest a role for Bcl-2 in cell survival, growth enhancement and oncogenic transformation. To test the suggestion that GTP-binding by Bcl-2 may mediate its biological effects we characterized the GTP-binding proteins in lymphoid cells expressing Bcl-2. Expression of several small GTP-binding proteins was found to be ubiquitous and did not vary with levels of Bcl-2. By using immunological, electrophoretic and cell-fractionation techniques, we separated Bcl-2 from G proteins of small relative molecular mass (Mr) and showed that it is incapable of binding GTP. Our results show that small Mr G proteins are widely expressed in lymphoid cells and that Bcl-2 is not a novel member of this GTP-binding protein family.[1]


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