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Recovery and characterization of hybrid dysgenesis-induced mei-9 and mei-41 alleles of Drosophila melanogaster.

X-Linked methyl methanesulfonate (MMS)-sensitive mutations were induced with hybrid dysgenesis using four P strains: pi 2, Harwich, T-007 and OK-1. Mutations were identified after two generations of backcrosses to M strain females to replace the autosomes. Among 51,471 X-chromosomes examined 10 carried stable MMS-sensitive mutations representing 8 independent events. Males of the mutant strains failed to induce gonadal dysgenesis in crosses to Oregon-R females at 28.5 degrees C. Complementation tests showed that 3 of the induced mutations were mei-9 alleles, 2 were mei-41 alleles, 1 was a mus102 allele, and 2 were alleles at a newly identified MMS-sensitive locus, mus112 (map position: 1-32.8). As assayed by in situ hybridization on polytene chromosomes, each X-chromosome had no more than four P element insertions. 4 of the 8 mutations recovered in this study proved to have P element insertions at or very close to sites to which MMS sensitivity has been mapped. Hybrid dysgenesis-induced reversion of 2 mutants, mei-9RT1 and mei-41RT2, is associated with the loss of the P element from regions 4B and 14C respectively.[1]


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