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Subcellular localization of rev-gene product in visna virus-infected cells.

The 1.4-kb mRNA of visna lentivirus is expressed early during the lytic infection of sheep choroid plexus cell cultures. It encodes for visna early gene 1 (VEG1) product, since renamed rev gene product (or Rev), based on significant amino acid sequence homologies between this protein and the proteins of simian immunodeficiency virus of macaque and human immunodeficiency virus type 2. In this report, we examined the subcellular localization and time course appearance of the Rev protein in visna virus-infected cells. Immunoprecipitation assays of [35S]methionine-labeled cell lysates with antisera raised against the Rev protein revealed a polypeptide of 19 kDa (p19rev). This protein was predominant early in the viral replication cycle and accumulated preferentially in the cytoplasmic/membrane fraction of infected cells. Indirect immunofluorescence staining of infected cells confirmed the cytoplasmic location of visna Rev protein and could reveal in some stained cells a higher concentration of Rev at the cellular plasma membrane. The regulating protein, still present late in the viral lytic cycle, is packaged into mature viral particles along with the structural gag and env gene products.[1]


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