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Modulation of lysosomal-associated membrane glycoproteins during retinoic acid-induced embryonal carcinoma cell differentiation.

Differentiation of the murine embryonal carcinoma (EC) cell lines F-9 and PC-13, induced by beta-all transretinoic acid (RA) resulted in an increased level of two lysosomal-associated membrane glycoproteins (LAMP-1 and LAMP-2). After differentiation, the levels of both LAMPs in the EC cells were comparable to those found in visceral and parietal endoderm cell lines (PSA-5E and PYS-2, respectively). RA treatment of the EC cells also resulted in an increase in the apparent Mr of both LAMPs apparently due to increased glycosylation because the deglycosylated LAMP-1 from undifferentiated and from differentiated cells had a similar electrophoretic migration. Indeed, the binding of 125I-labeled L-phytohemagglutinin (L-PHA) to glycoproteins with Mr or 90,000-130,000 increased after differentiation and about 24 times more 125I-labeled L-PHA bound to LAMP-1 isolated by immunoprecipitation from extracts of RA-treated F-9 cells than to LAMP-1 from undifferentiated cells. The increased level of the LAMPs was detected in F-9 cells treated with greater than 10(-7) M RA and required greater than 48 h of treatment as did the increased expression of the B1 chain of laminin, an established marker for differentiation in this system. LAMP-1- and L-PHA-reactive glycoproteins were localized by fluorescence techniques to intracellular vesicles, presumably lysosomes, and to the cell surface and both increased after RA treatment. LAMP-2 was barely detectable intracellularly in undifferentiated cells but could be detected clearly after differentiation. In contrast, no LAMP-2 could be detected on the cell surface either before or after differentiation of F-9 cells. The increased level and glycosylation of both LAMP-1 and LAMP-2 was observed also in cells treated with a synthetic chalcone carboxylic acid analog of RA and by combination of either retinoid with dibutyryl cyclic AMP. These results demonstrate that differentiation of EC cells is accompanied by changes in the synthesis and glycosylation of LAMP glycoproteins and that these changes are specific for the cell type that results after differentiation.[1]


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